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Deciding on a builder based on its “cost per foot” can be tricky and potentially very misleading. It can be used for generalizations but that’s it. Keep in mind that some builders include site costs (well, septic, landscape, driveway, fill and excavation, etc.) in their numbers and some do not. It really comes down to what you put in your home. A friend of mine used to respond to the question of how much per foot does it cost to build by asking what a bag of groceries cost. It depends if you have ramen noodles in it or a couple good steaks!
We want to provide you with a "turn key" home. We can pull out costs for some primary items like flooring, cabinetry and landscaping but we do not itemize beyond that.
While we do not provide traditional financing we can help you find a good lending partner. We have several excellent, local banks that we work with and recommend. We will on occasion provide construction financing.
We can help you navigate through the process of building but still needing to sell a home. There are numerous options. We will also on occasion take a home in trade on a new home.
Our goal at Journey Homes is to provide you with a “turn key” home. Yet while we prefer to manage the build from start to finish there are rare occasions where we will work with someone to provide some “sweat equity”.
Yes we can help. We have relationships with numerous realtors that can be helpful in these scenarios. We also own some of our own building sites and have access to many more. Give us a call and let us know what community/school district you want to be and we can help you locate a desirable tract of ground.
Yes, we usually have a number of building lots available throughout the area or we can help you find a site if you need assistance.

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